Lost in Love


This is a gift to a friend of mine. She’s lost in love:

It is a mad world
And I don’t know what I should do
I want to be with him
But my mind asks me to let him go

I never thought that I will find him
The one I was searching for
My mind rejects him
My heart needs him
The one who stole my soul

What tomorrow I have
He is not mine
He is different
He is opposite to all my dreams
But still he makes me feel like a woman
I can’t live without him next to me

What kind of world is this
Unfair to my heart in every way
I don’t know,
What I should do
Should I accept present us
Or reject future sadness
I am lost
In this mad world
I don’t know what I should do

When My Moment Will Come!

my last day on earth1

I am waiting for long
Searching for long
Trying for long
To find my moment
The moment to grow
The moment to glow
The moment to be strong
To be everything I wanted to be

I am lost now
And I don’t know what should I do
I know I can be whatever I wish to be
But I can’t reach what I want to be
Is it me?
Or something in me?
I don’t know
I am worried that my tomorrow will never come
I made the decisions
I made the choices
I followed my path
But I have not found what I wanted

I know I can be better than what I am now
I am crying and wanting to even cry more
Screaming to the universe
I am not less than anyone else
What make others better than me
You give me soul
You give me talent
You give me everything I wish to be
Why I can’t see what I should do with all that

I am lost
And need a direction to where to go
Please show me what to do
I admit I can’t do it alone
I can’t do it alone any more
I know I am strong
But I need the universe to reach what I want
See the world
Big family
I want to make my dreams come true
What I am missing
I don’t know
I am doing everything right
I think!
No, I know!

My 2013 Bucket List


my bocket list

Add to the above

  1. Visit China and India
  2. Help kids in Africa
  3. Read one book a week
  4. Learn how to play my guitar
  5. More time to airbrush painting
  6. Eat healthy
  7. Exercise
  8. Write a book
  9. Support young entrepreneurs
  10. Fight kids’ obesity
  11. Take one mood photo a day
  12. Create YouTube video blog.
  13. Take cooking lesson
  14. Finish my first kids story book
  15. Be interviewed by the entrepreneur magazine
  16. Find real investor
  17. Launch my own chain of restaurants
  18. Open schools in third world countries
  19. Help my friends
  20. Be there for others
  21. Try more bizarre food
  22. Hug one new person every day (This will be challenging!)

One Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes I look around
Trying to find a meaning
A meaning for my own actions
A meaning for the human action
Why we do what we do?
Is it because we need to do it?
or something push us to do it?
What control us?
Our willpower or our destiny
Whatever the reason is
It should lead us to be kind to each other
To love each other
To listen to each other
and to just be there for each other
At the end
It is our choice on how we want to be remembered
By our kindness
or our meanness

It is a New Dawn It’s a New Day

Everyday is a new day
Everyday is a new dawn
It is not which day what matter the most
What matter is what we do in that day
What you did today to make it new
and how that will affect tomorrow to be an even better day
Are you still thinking about yesterday worries
Are you still arguing about your beliefs
Are you still feeling sad
Why you give up a day for that!
A day that you can’t claim back
Let your worries go
Let your thoughts fly
Let your dreams build fantasies
That is life
It is one life
We might not be here again
so from now on
Let every day be a new day
A day to live
A day to smile
A day to love and be loved
and never mind about yesterday
Because it will hunt you only when you allow it to do so!

The Power of One

Tyler Blaine Genneken was the inspiration in making this video. Tyler was a young boy in Indiana, who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the Summer of 2006. After a 40 month battle with Cancer, sadly he died. He was 14 years old. But, before Tyler died, his story and his request that others help him fight Cancer, resulted in hundreds of units of blood being donated, and more than 2,000 people joining “Be The Match” (the national bone marrow registry). He is a Hero

One word
One action
One belief
and we can change the world
One heart
One soul
One love
This what the world need
Don’t think about tomorrow that we might never see
Just smile
Just help
Just be there
Life is too short to think about unfinished dreams
We are humans for thousands of years
and we will always be!
Just use every moment as it will be your last
and enjoy life with those that matter to you the most
Start now
Not tomorrow
Not the day after
Look to the person next to you and smile
If you can hug then hug
If you can kiss then do it
Just spread the joy
and let us be one